Burana Tower

Burana Tower

Burana Tower is a historical minaret belonging to the 11th century. The city where the tower was settled in was named Balasagun which was on the flourishing cities on the Great Silk Road. The tower itself is 24 meters high now. At that time it was 45 meters high but because of the earthquake in 15 century has of it fallen down. This tower used as a beacon light, as a watching tower and place for calling local prayers.  According to the beliefs of those people earthquake was a sign of bad luck and people considered this place to be cursed by God and fled away leaving all their things behind. A lot of interesting artifacts have been found by our archeologists there and they are presented in a local museum. The other part of artifacts was taken to Russian in Soviet time. The houses in the city were made of clay and they melt with the course of time. Now it is possible to see only the tower and a hill nearby that is presumed to be khan's palace.

Here you can find grave stones of different shapes dedicated the warriors distinguished in war time as brave and strong.  They are dated with the 7th century and named balbals meaning stone warriors. They were found in different places of Kyrgyzstan and taken to this place in order to keep them for next generation.

Not far from there you ancient petroglyphes can be presented as the 8 century B.C. artifacts. They also were transmitted to the Balasagun city to be presented for tourists and travelers.



9.00 a.m.     As soon as you finish with your breakfast you are picked up by your tour guide.

10:30 a.m.   You arrive in Burana tower where you are told the history of this ancient city  

   and its open air museum consisting of balbals and petroglyphes.

12.30 p.m.   You are taken back to the hotel.

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