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On the territory of modern Kyrgyzstan archaeological sites known in connection with the early history of mankind. Here were tools of primitive man, dates from the Stone Age. By III - II millennium BC. Oe. are the first indications of the emergence of agriculture and animal husbandry, the development of metal production. In the middle of I millennium AD. Oe. Territory of the republic was part of the Western Turkish Khanate, the center - the city Suyab - was in the valley of the river Chu. Since that time, mass migration into the region from various Turkic tribes (common Turgis, Karluk, etc.). In X - XIII century. the territory of Kyrgyzstan was part of the state Karakhanids, one of the centers of which -. a city in the Seven Rivers Balasagun, near the present city of Tokmak



Kyrgyzstansky trekking: Round 002
Mission: Kyrgyzstan
Activity: Trekking Round
Duration: 11 days

Day 1: Bishkek after the flight and hotel with breakfast there. Then one of Bishkek's main administrative centers for the selection or the historical museum, gift shops and a market town in the management of the collection, and one of the 45 trekking tour days can away from the Arch of Wing valley km from Bishkek. You will be transported back to the open area, dine, and Bishkek. In an evening meal will be provided. Night of tour in hotel.
Day 2: After breakfast was delicious and round Jety Oguz in Kyrgyzstan, a valley trekking tour starts in Bishkek. Early morning transfer to the lower valley of the lakes along the coastal issyk-kulskogo Jety-Oguz (370 km). A lunch. This trekking tour and travel "Seven Bulls" and "Broken Heart", known as the beautiful, the famous red rocks of the tour . Test Kymyz (an excited mare's milk). You can have lunch at noon. Night of tour "Valley of Flowers" is in tents. (2 200 m).
Day 3: Breakfast at Jety Oguz amplifying a valley, a walking tour and travel of the Tilety Pass in Kyrgyzstan. A breakfast. Tilety trekking tour for 16 kms to the shepherds. In an evening meal will be provided. Night of tour is in tents. (3 200 m).
Day 4: After breakfast we have a delightful Tilety and then to Karakol Valley Pass trekking tour and travel begins. A breakfast. Round One to three hours of trekking tour Tilety Pass (3 800 m) will lead us to the valley of the Patrol. The lunch is organized in a way. Ancient nomadic tent camp along the migratory rest stop along the 10-kilometer road tour . In an evening meal will be provided. Night of tour is in tents.
Day 5: Today we will go and travel to Karakol Valley in Kyrgyzstan. A breakfast. A short excursion to Karakol valley 8 km from the camp of refuge. The lunch is organized in a way. There is a base camp at night of tour .
Day 6: After breakfast trekking tour to the Valley of the Keldyke Patrol in the valley. Mountain Lake's unique beauty is more than 70 meters in depth and v. Krylya-Kul (3 600 m) walk to the tourist. The lake, which is on the shore of a lake, we see a beautiful glacier. Keldyke Valley Pass for the Cyrillic-Kul (3 860 m) through the tour. A lunch. Pass to five thousand meter peaks covered with an excellent representation of the Terskey - Karakol peak, peak and peak Tashtanbek Djigit as well. Again from the glacial streams camps will be waiting for you in this remarkable flow from the luxurious spot surrounded by rocks. Dinner and night of tour in tents in the park.
Day 7: Today we begin the journey on foot Patrol in Keldyke Valley. Gold-Arashan (2 450 m), four hours trekking tour to visit. You can have lunch at noon. Hot Springs baths. You were held in the open air, Peak PALATKA (Tent, 5 260 m), or "Swallow" kind of a profit Association's Nest will never forget. Night of tour Patrol (2 hours) passes. In an evening meal will be provided. Night of tour Patrol says.
Day 8: Issyk Kul booster breakfast Patrol and the north coast, and then goes out. You can have lunch at noon. Issyk Kul Lake (160 km) to the north-coast resort kulskomu issyk transfer. There is a small hotel, dinner and overnight of tour parking.
Day 9: After breakfast trekking tour delightful Issyk Kul round and round begins. Issyk Kul day. The rest of the Issyk Kul floating in a boat. You can have lunch at noon. Visitings petroqlifov and ethnographic museum. In an evening meal will be provided. Night of tour in hotel Issykl-Kul.
Day 10: Bishkek (250 km) after passing a morning meal. Thus, (- 13-s' ages 11) visit Burana tower in the old town Balasagyn. You can have lunch at noon. Night of tour in hotel.
Day 11: For the first time, details of the hotel, your tour guide will meet you and escort you to the airport.


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