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In the socio-economic conditions, Akayev was determined to market reforms. His government quickly introduced a national currency catfish, restrain inflation, private land ownership was introduced, setting up farms and cooperatives to privatize the industry. Kyrgyzstan was the first CIS country joined the World Trade Organization. At the same time, the opposition claimed that the economic policies to enrich the Akayev family and supporters of the president led and contributed to the worsening of social problems.


Over the years, Akayev always for the growth of authoritarian tendencies in the administration criticized and accused of corruption. In March 2002, was put on trial one of the critics of President Beknazarov, a demonstration of his supporters protest in Jalalabad shot. Announced in May of this year, there are riots in Bishkek, the demonstrators demanded the resignation of Akayev.



Kyrgyzstansky trekking: Round 004

Mission: Kyrgyzstan

Activity: Trekking Round

Duration: 13 days


Day 1: OSA car (170 km) in 3 hours, the engine speed to Gulcho. Chiyrchyck (2400 m) in the gel. Along the way a candle. Day to rural Chong Patrol. Sedelnımi pack a bag and be familiar with horses. Pass through the short trip to Chagyr. You will spend night in tents in the Red-Alai.

Day 2: After your breakfast, we gold-Alai, fur-trees and juniper bushes which were established through the mountains and forests and rivers and along the trekking round will begin at 7:00 am for the trip will be presented. Will you Pass Agachart before the night in tents.

Day 3: Morning trekking tour Agachart Pass (3700 m) crossing begins. After crossing pass Alai mountains, and you will see dramatic representations. Kashka-Suu River valley to reach the pass Taldyk. Lunch will be provided at 19:00.

Day 4: After a tasty breakfast in the canyon along the Kashka-Suu Taldyk and round with the trekking begins. About 2 hours later, you will be surprised by the representatives of highland Alai, Pamir Alai Mountains and the Lenin peak of almost 100 km on the East and West are stretched. Pamir-Alai mountains and its width is approximately 20 km. The lunch is organized in a way. You can see huge glaciers and ranges from clear to Lenin Peak. Lunch will be provided at 19:00.

Paradise farms, and small lakes in the northern side of the Alai continues to go well: One of the valley Balykjuugan

Day 5: Your dinner at 19:00, and we present a valley close to the Kashka Suu, a low-grieve the passing of a farm, small and round to start the trekking will be a pass. You will spend night in tents Korumduu Chukur.

Day 6: 7:00 am Breakfast will be provided to you at this time. Next day trekking round the sauna, Hammam with your local home tonight, there will continue to Korumduu the valley in the village of Sary Mogul. You can test the animal industry will be primarily aimed at a mountain village life. You will spend night in tents.

Day 7: After breakfast in the delightful village of Sary Mogul trekking and round to start with, you gold-Suu (and bridge) will be to the great river. Alai Plateau try and Kyzylsky Tyryk farm income. The lunch is organized in a way. Suddenly, with a family on a farm or shepherd's tents.

8 th day: in the morning you have the name of a mountain lake in Scotland to achieve Bush Tulpar turuk beret and round and start trekking along the trace of a horse. The lake is close to the candles. Day, a visit to the East Sajdu valleys, then Lenin base camp (3600 m) is the lower back. You will spend night in tents.

Day 9: Breakfast at 7:00 am will be presented to you, and then it will be the beginning of a trip round the Lenin base camp. The first camp (3600 m) and journey. Here, you will leave the horses and the second camp (3700 m) near the foot will begin to increase. Lunch will be provided at 19:00.

Day 10: After a delicious breakfast, with Lenin base camp trekking and start a round, you Alai mountains of the western side of the Yellow Mogul return. The lunch is organized in a way. Lunch will be provided at 19:00. Night is organized in tents in the village of Sary Mogul.

Day 11: At 7:00 in the morning, breakfast will be provided to you. Come back to OSU. The rest of the hotel stay. Lunch will be provided at 19:00.

Day 12: On the flight back in the morning to Bishkek. The lunch will be provided at the hotel at 19:00.

Day 13: Wing Bell, the Toktogul Chychkan Pass from the canyon, as well as Suusamyr Ashuu, Kara Balta, please move the booster, and finally, after breakfast, arrived in Bishkek. (6-7 hours is too important to the country).



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