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Due to military attacks and trade contacts with the countries of settled agricultural civilization in which there was writing, in the historical sources of these peoples and the states retained the information about the ancient nomads of Central Asia, Kazakhstan and Eastern Turkestan. In Persian sources dating back to the existence of a mighty power Ahmenidov, nomads who lived in the steppes and mountains to the north and east of the settled oases of Sogdiana, called the Sakas. Among them are three groups of Saka tribes. Saki, who were called paradarayya or "Overseas Sakas," lived to the north of the Syr Darya and the Aral Sea. Saki-haomavarga or "worshiping haomu" sacred drink of the Aryans, lived in East Turkestan, the Pamirs and Alai. Saki-tigrahauda or "Saks in peaked caps," inhabited the lands that were to the northeast of Sogdiana, mountains and valleys of the Tien Shan and Jeti. Chinese sources call Saks, who lived in East Turkestan by the term "se." In ancient sources referred to the Central Asian Sakas as well as the nomads of the northern Black Sea region, "Scythians."
Saki-tigrahauda who lived in the Tien Shan and the Seven Rivers, were among the Scythian and Sarmatian tribes of ancient Eurasian Steppe - Iranian nomads, which was characterized by appearance of the Scythian culture, united "Scythian triad", which included items of arms, a harness and decorative crafts made in the "Scythian-Siberian style."
Saki, Seven Rivers, and Tien Shan, had a bright and distinctive culture that has distinctive features from other cultures Saka in Central Asia and occupies a special place in the "skifoidnyh" the great cultures of the Eurasian steppe belt.
At the present time, the culture of Saks Seven Rivers and the Tien Shan is well known, but there are still "white spots" on some aspects of the material and spiritual culture of the ancient nomads of the region. A significant contribution to the study of the early Iron Age sites have researchers such as A. Bernstam, AK Kibirov, IK Kozhomberdiev, KA and AK Akisheva, GA Kushaev, KI Tashbayeva, that their work formed the basis for writing this thesis.

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