Kyrgyzstan remains

On the external surface structures, the complex structure of monumental burial mounds and mounds Besshatyr devices are not just mounds of gravestones and monuments of outstanding architecture Saka.
Indeed, each mound represents the whole architectural construc tion, not only from the outside, but the complexity of internal structure. Moreover, it is safe to say that every large mound - this is a unique architectural ensemble consisting of several complex and distinct structures, complementing the huge mound. Units, parts of this ensemble are circular mengirnye buildings, stone walls and laying, underground tunnels, etc. In general, these buildings give the impression of not only the burial mounds, and monuments of ancient architecture, near the wildebeest tyh to perpetuate the memory of the leaders and the glory and the honor of moguschest wa tribe.
Next, we give a complete description of each large and medium-sized and small excavated mounds.
Big Besshatyr mound is located in the northeastern part of the cemetery. It is the largest mound, schiysya majestically above the rest. Diameter, 104 m, average height - 5 pm most sohranivshayasya.storona mound is 17 m in height. The mound is shaped like a truncated cone, the flat top of which has a diameter of the stone 32 meters at the base of the mound cover tightly packed in several rows, giving the impression cap, on which to bulk koitsya mound (Fig. 4). On the northern and southern sides of the mound can be traced depressions (width 2 m), descending from the top down. Southern sink was in the floors of the mound ends flat mound of rubble, with a diameter of 20 m and 2 m high mound at a distance of 5-7 m wide bordered by a stone shaft 2 m, height of 50-60 cm
In 1961 we have been denuded segment of the shaft length of 35 m to pro believe, whether it is a remnant of a stone wall crashed. Excavation did not confirm this assumption, the remains of masonry were not detected. Thus, it became clear that the builders of the monument itself specially constructed shaft of tinea, but while its height would be approximately la s twice today.

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