Kyrgyzstan nomads

The main objective of the course work to reveal the main aspects of the material and spiritual culture of the ancient nomads of Seven Rivers, and Tien Shan, correlative with the Saks-tigrahauda. For the main purpose of the disclosure is necessary to disclose the following:
A. Reveal the main features and the funeral rites of the region of Saks.
Two. Consider religious and funeral traditions of the ancient nomads Semirechye and Tien Shan.
Three. Show main categories of grave goods Saxon graves, as a reflection of the level of material culture.
4. Give an overview of art and religious beliefs of Saks Seven Rivers, and Tien Shan - the basic components of culture.
 Diploma thesis consists of an introduction, three chapters, divided into several sections, conclusion, bibliography, as well as applications in the form of graphic illustrations of the work.

In the history of domestic archeology has made significant progress in studying the antiquities of the Early Iron Age. Famous around the world the treasures of the North Pontic Scythian burial mounds and mounds of Pazyryk of the Altai, Saka gold from the Issyk burial mounds and Chilikty, unique tombstones and buildings namogilnye
Besshatyr and Salbyka. The international response received new rakopki Siberian archaeologists in burial Kuturguntas plateau in the Altai Ukok.
Known to science elite mounds of Saka nobles (Issyk Chilikty, Besshatyr) are the only individual links unique in its scale clusters royal burial mounds in a relatively small region: the valley of the Syr Darya to Tarbagatai mountains, the southern limits of the Bet-Pak-Dala and Balkhash to the foothill and mountain areas Northern Tien-Shan. In this space, with a total area of ​​approximately 1200 x 65 300 km of open graves and locations in which there are about 350 royal burial mounds belonging to V - II centuries. BC
The vast majority of the 350 mounds were built no more than 400 - 500 years old. Second, the saturation of the same type of synchronous and monuments are likely to figure very high population density in the region

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