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Besshatyr cemetery stretches from north to south for 2 miles., With reserves to the east so - 1 km long and consists of 31 burial, including 21 from the mound ka mennym coated with a 10-embankment of gravel and earth. A special system in the arrangement of mounds there, but there are two more or less compact groups: the northern and southern. The northern group consists of six stone mounds. It includes three of the largest burial mound: Large, Second and Third Besshatyr mounds.
The southern group of mounds is located 0.5 km from the northern and naschity Vaeth four stone mound, elongated chain in the meridional direction. In the north-west side adjacent to the chain of five small mounds of gravel, the rest scattered throughout the cemetery.
The size of mounds mounds can be divided into high, medium and small tion. The diameters of the large mounds range from 45 to 105 m, and height - from 6 to 17 m in average, respectively, 25-38 m and 5-6 m, and a small -6 - 18 m h 0.8-2 m
For four years (1957, 1959-1961) in the cemetery excavated 18 chickens ganas, three of them large, others small and medium. In 1957. Uncovered two small mound (24 and 25), in 1959 - big - Sixth Besshatyr mound and five small mounds (15, 26, 27, 29 and 30). Nai greater number of burial mounds were excavated in 1960 in this year's study HN: Third Besshatyr mound, two medium (8 and 14) and six small (17-22).
Unfortunately, all the mounds, with rare exceptions (25), Lena plundered by people familiar with the unit of Saks' pyramids. "
However, despite this, Besshatyr mounds yielded not only a great dating material (daggers, arrowheads), but is especially valuable, previously unknown types of monumental lifted up gilnyh structures that allowed a new way to judge the culture Sak skih tribes Semirechye the level of construction equipment, the experience of use in the construction of residential and religious buildings of wood, stone and reeds. In addition, a careful study of the log structure obtained data on the handling of the tree of Sina and basic carpentry instruments of the ancient inhabitants of these places.

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