Kyrgyzstan culture

Other issues are more difficult and complicated to deal with them, serious arguments. Obviously, a phenomenal number of parameters and high mounds of the elite were possible at a sufficiently high level of social development, its power structures with vertical subordination of the social categories of the population, with a strictly organized military-political system, the mass of fanatical commitment to religious and ideological dogma.
Determines the value of the economic conditions were: self-sustaining dvuukladnoe economy - agriculture and animal husbandry, powerful metallurgical production, trade on the Silk Road, Steppenwolf, controlling the trade routes (the collection of tribute, burglary), booty during their raids on neighboring tribes and
State. All this has ensured a high for that time, the standard of living and its natural growth. Probably as a result of growth, influx of people from the outside (POWs), formed a surplus of labor, is widely used in the construction of elite religious monuments.
With all the well-known successes and discoveries in the field of Scythian and Scythian antiquities, excavations of elite burial mounds on the whole of Eurasia were sporadic, which was explained and justified by a significant amount of time-consuming excavation and lack of resources in their production. Archaeologists working at all times of acute shortage of material security. Our success to a large extent - a tribute to the dedication and enthusiasm.
Meanwhile, the excavation of burial mounds of the elite led to a stunning discovery, to large complexes of diverse findings that inform the extent of socio-economic development of society, the level of its culture, art and spiritual life.
The most fully explored yet, "royal" burial burial complexes in the Ili Valley Besshatyr Seven Rivers. Therefore I propose to refer to this monument, which was only excavated several large mounds standing side by side and the accompanying cult memorial structures as the most representative monument of elite Saks Seven Rivers, and Tien Shan.

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