Kyrgyzstan country


In the middle of Central Asia there is a beautiful country named Kyrgyzstan! It is visited by many tourists from different parts of the world who always enjoy their travels. Here in the country people will see really beautiful scenery of mountains and lake, they meet locals and learn about their culture and traditions.  198,5 square kilometers is an area that Kyrgyzstan occupies in Central Asia. The population of the country is more than five million people. The Tien Shan mountain system is strained through the whole republic and makes 93% of the landscape. Our country boasts with its beautiful high mountains, crystal clear lakes and pleasing towns and villages, which is full of culture and history. The territory of Kyrgyzstan is not only part of the Great Silk Road but the postponement link that connected the ancient Rome with China.
Flora and Fauna.
Our country has a very rich diversity of diverse animals and plants. The state geography society counts more than 80 species of mammals, 330 species of birds, 50 species of fish and about 30 diverse species of reptiles.  
In our country we have the animals like the argali, snow leopard, bears, badgers, camels, eagles, foxes, hawks, marmots, wolves and yaks. 
People of Kyrgyzstan
The people in Kyrgyzstan are very welcoming and friendly which is the main distinguishing feature of the nation. The locals say that the guest is a blessing to your home. That is the reason why they are so welcoming to strangers. They are going to be very curious and will ask you the questions like «Do you like travelling?», «How many countries you have visited?" as well as "Do you have children?"  If you happen to be somewhere in a distant area, then the hosts will always be happy to offer you food and tea. Kyrgyz people follow all their ancient traditions and customs passing it from generation to generation. 

People love the mountains. During your trips in Kyrgyzstan you are going to enjoy our nature, which has retained its pristine beauty. 
The city of Bishkek with the population of more than 5 million people is a capital. It conventional the status of city in 1878 and for its wide avenues and green parks it received a title of "the greenest city in Central Asia".

The Kyrgyz Republic split up from the USSR in 1991 on August 31, and has developed an independent state. This day is a national holiday and celebrated every year.



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