Rukh Ordo complex

One of the oldest centers of communication between people and different faiths is the Rukh Ordo complex. It is also the focal point in coping with emotions and sees and simply the mutual upgrade of communities. Explorers will enrich the experience by experiencing the world of sects, conventions and ancient occasions while they are on tours in Kyrgyzstan.

For such non-existent realities, individuals who use car rentals in Kyrgyzstan and have tours will get to know current realities from a realistic viewpoint. The growth of the complex is intentional. Guests decided to build a place that encompasses all faiths and nations. This is the location selected by numerous inventors during the conference. The complex is dissolved by Issyk Kul lake in the south, and Kungei Ala Too lines it in the north. There are five basic religions, close to each other, the core theory of the complex. It is worth traveling to Kyrgyzstan and using a car rental to open up the best approach to feel the deep part of the system itself on tours. White churches incorporate it and preach of the resilience of people to each other, the condition for looking towards another. On the tour in Kyrgyzstan, via car rental, travelers travel through the region, the domain of the complex and the lower part of history.


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