Rukh Ordo assembly

The company's clients can explore many interesting sights, enjoy the scenery and also study the religions in the country during their tours in Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan has a unique Rukh Ordo complex on its territory, which was able to unite various religions in one place, values the exchange of feelings and also thoughts, in this place people enjoy the enrichment of culture. Here you can explore the history, enjoy the world of history and legends. And for tours in Kyrgyzstan, we offer you to rent a car.

The company's customers will be able to explore the facts about Kyrgyzstan in a rented car from our company, and learn a lot of information about this complex. People built this complex with a purpose. They wanted to unite all religions and also peoples. You can also see that various presidents and ministers like to visit the place. In the tours, our guests will see that it is washed by Lake Issyk Kul from the south side, but on the north side it borders with the Kungei Ala-Too ridge. The complex itself supports the idea of exploring and showing the main five religions, they are located next to each other. In our tours, you can visit this complex and explore the causes of its occurrence. It features white chapels that promote kindness, tolerance, and respect for others. In our tours in Kyrgyzstan, guests of the country will be able to enjoy nature, the complex and also learn facts about history and culture.

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