Rituals play significant role in every country as well as in Kyrgyzstan. Rituals are important to spirituality because the repetition of enacting each ritual provides a focal point from distraction; a level of comfort and familiarity; and an opportunity to demonstrate reverence for being in the moment. Tours in Kyrgyzstan is great chance to get acquainted with the culture. Our company offers car rent service, if you are interested in it, you can contact us.

Our guests take a car rent and explore the wealth of Kyrgyz customs, traditions and rituals. Generally it goes to the earliest times when Turkic tribes are exist. Most of rituals of Kyrgyz people is related to the nomadic style of their life.

Now we would like to share one which is happen after childbirth. It calls suiunchu when people impress their happiness and give different gifts. Second ritual named as korunduk - guests prepare money to parents when they are invited for the party. Third celebration calls beshik toi. Kyrgyz people cook traditional meal and a lot of tasty food. Then when baby starts to go, parents organize tushoo toi. Felt is put on the feet, relatives, small children run and who is the first to reach, cuts off the felt.

In tours you may see the wedding. In Kyrgyzstan it involves other rituals. People invite guests, organize the ceremony Some years ago there was ritual ala kachuu (kidnapping), but nowadays is forbidden. After that couple must make nike kyiuu regarding to the Islam religion. Kyz uzatuu which is popular last decades also one more ritual in Kyrgyzstan. Start to plan your vacation with us  and take a car rent while having tours. 

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