Mountain ranges in Kyrgyzstan

Guests of Kyrgyzstan will be able to visit all the most fascinating places, enjoy the trip and see all the beauty of the mountain ranges. We want to introduce you to information about the mountain ranges of the country, which will be useful later for your tours.You can rent a car and discover that there are about 88 mountain ranges in the country. These ridges are located far from each other or vice versa are connected to each other.

In Kyrgyzstan, the main range is the Tien Shan Range, which covers the country for 2\3, and is translated as the Celestial mountains. Guests of the country will also be able to take advantage of the opportunity and enjoy the views of the beautiful Chon Alai Range, which is also connected to the Pamir system. It will be possible to notice in the tours that this ridge divides the country into north and south. And those who travel around the country will be able to say that in Kyrgyzstan there are such long mountain ranges as Kakshaal 582 km and the Kyrgyz ridge 454 km. Do not miss the chance to enjoy the views of mountainous Kyrgyzstan in tours.

We would also like to tell you that a great solution for tours is to rent a car to see all the most beautiful and wonderful places. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of mountain ranges like Terskey Ala Too, and see beautiful charming landscapes. So you can see that this ridge means the ridge of the shady mountains. On tours in Kyrgyzstan, you will be able to observe the beauty of Kyungey Ala Too, which can show you the sunny mountains. In Kyrgyzstan, the trip will see the Pamir-Alai Mountains form the division of the Tien Shan into the Turkestan and Alai ranges. And you can see that these mountains are covered with snow and never melt. And for this reason, the country's gsoi will be able to notice that Kyrgyzstan has such mountains as Ala Too, which is translated as colorful mountains.

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