Being the visitors of Kyrgyzstan, it is usual if the people to rent a car in Bishkek and explore the language in close correlation with the local people. It is the main mean of communication, which aids to understand the requirements of the other people. In order to get to know the language, to knowledge the means of the people language assistances in Kyrgyzstan.

In our company the leaders give an offer of dictionaries in Kyrgyz and Russian. Furthermore, the guides are English-speaking ones. They are always prepared to help in any question, to give the maximum info about tours and help to rent a car. The language of the Kyrgyz can be explored by the visitants from the point of view of language family and history.

Essentially, your tour with car rent will be built on the analysis of the language as of the Turkic family. The first script was the Orhon-Yenisey one. Afterwards the people started to talk the Arabic alphabet, as there started to be the connection with the religion Islam. The next point was the Latin alphabet. With the growth of the Soviet Union the people started to change their language into the Cyrillic alphabet, used today, in the Kyrgyz language with the addition of new sounds.

Have a tour with pleasure in our country, our team is always ready to make all essential needs. Kyrgyz language is the official one, alienated into northern and southern dialects. The second language extensively talked in the state is Russian. The visitors are free to communicate with the local people, as they are rather welcoming, ready to help all the time on the tours in Kyrgyzstan. Use the services of car rent and get wonderful time with us. 

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