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Are you on your way to thinking which Central Asian country among such countries as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan to travel? Then we would like to note that our travel company is ready to organize a tour with a car for rent service in any of these unique countries of Central Asia. It is known that these countries are also called 5 "stan". These neighboring states have much in common both in culture and in history. Travel and explore each country individually or on a combo tour.

Let's start with a Central Asian country like Kyrgyzstan. This country is, according to its area, a small state. The heavenly mountains of Kyrgyzstan make it amazing. Such a relief of the country is perfect for the tour with a rented car in the mountains or for hiking. There are actually many sights in Kyrgyzstan that are definitely worth visiting and seeing. For example, there are beautiful mountain lakes like Issyk Kul, Son Kul, Chatyr Kul, Sary Chelek, Kel Su and others. In this country of Central Asia, they find a sufficient amount of natural resources and water resources, including, because Kyrgyzstan has many rivers and glaciers. The culture of ancient nomads, the history of Kyrgyzstan is interesting to study.

The next country in Central Asia is Kazakhstan, which nature has endowed with wide steppes. The tour program with the car for rent service in Kazakhstan must necessarily include visiting such amazing places as the Big Almaty Lake, Medeo Skating Rink, Charyn Canyon, and riding the Almaty cable car, etc. travel in Kazakhstan in its own way is also interesting here, its peculiar nature, but the culture is basically similar with neighboring Kyrgyzstan.

Guests wishing to travel to such a Central Asian country as Tajikistan can also take the tour with a rented car. And so speaking about Tajikistan, it borders on Kyrgyzstan and the relief is almost the same. However, the uniqueness of nature and sights are also present, so it is better to travel by yourself in such an amazing Central Asian country as Tajikistan and do in mountainous regions such as trekking or hiking, etc.

Another country where you can travel and enjoy the atmosphere of Central Asia is Uzbekistan. Guests here use the car for rent service on the tour and go to taste the famous traditional dish like pilaf with dried fruits. In Uzbekistan, tourists find a wide variety of gourmet cuisine as well as different types of pilaf. In addition, it is also worth visiting a bazaar, where oriental flavor prevails and trying to bargain. There are so many historic places to see.

The tour with a rented car can be provided to our guests even in such a closed Central Asian country as Turkmenistan. In fact, Turkmenistan is a very interesting country to travel, because there is the famous Karakum desert, gas crater and of course, the ruins of ancient cities like Nisa and Merv.

It is a pleasure to travel across all the countries of Central Asia among hospitable peoples, rich history and unusual culture, in addition, it is comfortable with the availability of a car rental.

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