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The water color is due beautiful legend: "Once upon a time an evil wizard stole conjured a beautiful princess and took her into the mountains, where now comes river Kyzyl-Suu to break spells, we had to kill the sorcerer two brave young men. . dear brother of Princess, to rescue them. elder brother first was the magician. few days and nights, which he fought. And on the fourth day he killed the magician and free the princess. But in a fight, he lost a lot of strength and before going back, and lay asleep. While he slept, the younger brother cut off his head and took the princess. At the spot where he was assassinated older brother, a spring of water appeared to be red. "

Kyzyl-Suu his way out of the ground under the big, like a human head, rocks. Local people say that the color of the water reminds of treason and warns them of the bad things. Scientists explain this unusual color of water washed large stocks of red clay and sand flow.

Winding road in a pasture Kyzyl-Suu is along the scenic coast of the river. With Jailoo Kyzyl Suu see the picturesque view. On one side is visible slope of the ridge Shamshi, on the other - the mountains that separate Chu valley Issyk-Kul.

In the mountains above Jailoo at a height of 30-40 meters is a beautiful pine forest.



Kyrgyzstansky trekking: Round 005

Mission: Kyrgyzstan

Activity: Trekking Round

Duration: 8 days


Day 1: Valley of the Yellow-Moinok of Kyrgyzstan in the morning. Distance makes above 30 km. Time of tour : 20-30 minutes at tour Dunguromo of Kyrgyzstan this area is known as a sharp pass (3773 m), along the river to Pass Valley Yellow-Moinok  in Kyrgyzstan to begin with. The first representation of a sharp pass to a wide range of views and the unique beauty of the mountains will have fresh breath. The distance of tour 25-35 km. Time: 5-6 hours. Night is organized in tents.

Day 2: Pass Dunguromo morning we start the trekking tour and travel round. You are in the mountain pastures of the high places of refuge to rest and you will be amazed by the representations and new, enjoying the fresh air. River down to Juuku. Lunch will be provided at 19:00.

Day 3: 7:00 am Breakfast will be provided to you at this time. This is a trekking tour  and travel to the Valley Juuku. Juuku Pass (3633 m) pass a road along the travel way you will be able to see the validity of the "green lake" means Jashyl-arm, with the ability to see two beautiful mountain lakes. The lunch is organized in a way. The distance of 25-35 km. Time: 5-6 hours. Night is in tents.

Day 4: After breakfast was delicious Kashka Suu valley trekking tour and round one begins. Kyrgyz people in real life in a way you do, you will see the nomadic way. You will be surprised shepherds a normal life. Kashka-Suu to cross the river several times, and the sounds of splashing water to use. The distance of 25-30 km. Time: 5-6 km. Lunch will be provided at 19:00.

Day 5: Trekking round tour to the beautiful Valley Juukuchak can stop and float in Hot Springs. Water, a feeling, a new and strong mountains during the day and leave rejuvenated. The lunch is organized in a way. The distance of 25-30 km. Time: 5-6 hours. Night is organized in tents.

Day 6: 7:00 am Breakfast will be provided to you at this time. This trekking tour Lake Issyk Kul and you will go to Darhan Valley has a beautiful view of the Jylluu-Suu is a journey. The distance of tour 25-30 km. Time: 5-6 hours. Lunch will be provided at 19:00.

Day 7: After breakfast sweet from Kok-Darhan jailoo Bella starts with a trekking tour . Issyk Kul Lake and mountain landscape. The distance of 25-30 km. Time: 5-6 hours. Lunch will be provided at 19:00.

Day 8: Breakfast at your car to meet the KIND and Ak-terekskoj down to the village, and then from the Kok-Chychkan to Bellu, will be presented at 7:00. Barskoon tour for the engine. The distance of tour  is 20 km. Sink with hot water bath. Lunch will be provided at 19:00.


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